Happy Belated Birthday to My Hubby-02.10.2008

4:34 AM

Allah selamatkan kamu...Allah selamatkan kamu...Allah selamatkan suamiku...Allah selamatkan kamu...

I should post this entry on that particular day. But you know...my kampung house is not equipped with internet, and I left my notebook at home.

I wish him late in the afternoon. That is when my younger sister wishes him. How could I forget? I should be the first to wish...BUT...he got my present earlier. Not an expensive one..But something he would use.

To my hubby, Happy Birthday, may your happy returns from Ma, Nurin & Alya

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  1. Disebabkan da telewat wish hepi b'day hukuman kena diberikan...jeng jeng jeng.malam nanti nak tido tanye eik...huahuahua

  2. wow!!!
    apa la hukuman tuh eh??
    nampak mcm suprise sgt jer..

  3. hukuman yang sgt berat. tp setelah dibuat rayuan, hukuman ditangguhkan sehingga ketarikh yg sesuai.

  4. pandai-pandai je ckp hukuman ditangguhkan.... siapa keluarkan itu arahan?

  5. lawak lucah suami isteri..yg lain jgn baca!! huaaaaaaahahahaha