Feeling Sleepy?

8:00 AM

Whether you partied all night or stayed up to finish that report, keeping awake the next day at work will be a toughie!

Try these tips for AM-to-PM alertness.

USE YOUR SENSE OF SMELL-whether its good or bad smell, scents have the ability to wake us really quickly. Studies shoes that smelling peppermint can help lower fatigue by 15 percent! Buy a bottle of peppermint essential oil and whiff away.

UP YOUR WATER INTAKE-Dehidration is actually the main cause of fatigue. keep drinking during the day and stay hidrated.

GET A LITTLE BIT OF SUN-whether its an hour during lunch or standing in fornt of a window for 10 minutes, sunlight is crucial in waking us up. This is because our internal clocks are regulated by exposure to sunlight. The brighter it is, the less sleepy you will feel

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