Sketsa di Pagi Hari

5:20 PM

After sending my two girls to bbsitter, I realized that I left my house key at home. Abang already went to his office with all the doors locked! I tried to call abang saying I'm on the way to his office to collect his key. Unfortunately the woman answer the called. Don't be mistaken, the woman is the answering machine. His handphone was out of battery. I called his office. I'm quite lucky hearing his voice on my handphone.

Its 8.30am. The road was quite busy. Don't know which way to go. Finally I decided to use Jalan Klang Lama. Despite so many traffic lights along the way, the traffic was moving. Thank God!

I arrived at abang office at 9.40am. I enter the parking area and saw his boss smoking outside the office. OMG! I look at him and smile. I notice he stared at me, and I'm sure he knows me. We've been to his place last month for his son's kenduri akikah. Not sure what to do I call abang again. And he still did not switch on his handphone. I called his office and Kak Sida picked up the phone.

"P.E kuar minum la..."

"Kak, saya kat depan office akak ni, saya nak amik kunci kat dia. Kunci saya tinggal dalam umah". I'm reluctant to speak, but I have to.

"Dah call handphone dia?"

"Handphone dia off, tak de bateri. Tu yang saya call opis nih"

"Tak pa. Sat gi akak tepon handphone Aiman na..". I was actually tried to call Aiman, but I don't know his handphone no. Should ask form abang tonight. In case of emergency.

"Thanks eh kak. Tapi nampak boss akak kat luar tadi..hik hik.Segan saya"

"Tak de hal la"

I look at the boss, and surprisingly he is not there. Such a relieved. Then I saw Kak Sida comes to my car.
" Mai la masuk. Dok dalam"

" Eh tak pe la kak. Saya tunggu sini aje. Boss akak ada, seganla saya"

"Dia la yang soh akak panggil masuk dalam. Dia kata kalau dia panggil jadi lain plak kang"

"Segan la kak"

" Tak kisah. Kat dalam ada sofa. Boleh duduk. Baca paper ker.Diaorang lama lagi nak makan tu"

I dont know what to do. But I just follow Kak Sida to the office. I sat and read newspaper. But I think the newspaper is not today newspaper. Then I looked at the first page. It was yesterday. Aisey!
Later abang came and rescued me from the unwanted situation. I went to his room and took the key. Then I chow to home. What a day!

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