Sunday is Ahad

11:05 AM

Were quite tight yesterday due to never-ending-house chores. Even then, its not completed at all. Half done  here and there, but we had breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. Simple dish. I was the chef! and today the kids go to school happily and on time. That is the most important thing!

Surprisingly, I did not stepped out from my house at all!! Not sooo me. Patutlah pening lalat semacam.

Worst, I craved for sweet thingy and found this. Luckily the kids and hubby were away to the nearest playground. Wink ;)

Peanut butter with chunk

First, was eating it with Weetameal Crackers, then...huahuahua..I ate it on its own. Sooo yummy!

Good news! I hired new Shaklee member today! She is my next leader. In shaa Allah.

Love you Shaklee, but i love my readers more...

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