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Its not easy being a wife and a mother of two babies ( if i can classify a one year & 4 months girl as a baby)and also a so called 'career woman'. But as i always heard most of the is a created problem, which i can avoid of having it. It is a God will. No matter how hard i'm trying to avoid it, if it was meant to be, it will.

Here we are...My two cute daughters

Nurin Hidayatullah, hereinafter called "Nurin"

Was borned on 10th January 2007.

Please ignore the date stated in the pic. We forgot to adjust the camera setting, but i know when the picture was taken.

My 2nd daughter Nurin Alya Fatihah

Was borned on 21st January 2008, hereinafter called "Alya".

Its makes them a gap of exactly one year. Both of them was borned through Caesarian at Hospital Serdang. The pain when delivering them still remains in my mind and at the scar.

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  1. hellooooooo..welcome to blogging world babe :)

  2. TQ iszan...Need your guidance on the setting