My Girls

9:18 AM

The reason why I set up this blog is for me to jot down every development of my girls. My memories getting bad and bad after two surgeries I had. I’m being so forgetful person. I used to remember other account people numbers, phone numbers and other things concerning figures. Being an account people, numbers is always in my mind and my fingertips. Having so much morphine in my body, made my memories faded, and temporarily lost. And for me to retrieve back will take some times).

Note: Plz ignore me for quite a while-because I don’t know what I’m babbling about. Hua hua hua.

Back to my girls.


My 1 year and 5 months old girl is getting very cheeky this time. She always find fault with Alya. I could never let her alone with her younger sister. She will hit, or will cekau or cubit or anything as to hurt Alya. We will scold her every time we see that. But knowing she would cry after the ‘scolding session’, we tell her why we’re doing that. But most of the times, she would just ignore us. She keeps hit Alya as if we’re not there seeing what she was doing. OMG. It’s really getting on my nerves. I lost my patience. Plz help me what I should i do to prevent this from happening. I hate to scold her (sometimes i’d just hit her on the fingers) but I have to.

The good thing is she can understand instructions. Whenever I ask her to shake hand with papa, she definitely will head off to papa and shake hand with him. And for sure will ask her to kiss him on the cheek. She will do the same to Alya. But we will monitor her, as she’s always hit her after the kissing moment. Huarghhhhh...mama can become an incredible hulk later!

She can also put all the dirty clothes (before take a bath) inside the laundry bag without me asking. I think she’s been observing me doing that before.

She can now recognize her belonging and would yell if we took. She’s being so self-centered in this matter. How to educate her for sharing things? My friends, plz advise.

Whenever she wakes up from her sleep, she always asked for her milk. “Susu...nak!”. Simple sentence and yet very meaningful, which I cannot simply ignore even though I am too sleepy during the time. She will yell if she notices me ignoring her.


She is now 5 months old. Love to smile and to be entertained. Hate to be alone and will cry the moment she realizing that she’s was alone. Still wakes in the middle of the night asking for milk. She was really different from her sister. At her age, Nurin did not asked for milk anymore in the middle of the night.

She also wanted to be hugged in order for her to sleep. She loves to be pampered that way. If we are too tired and left her alone in the cot, she will just crawl and make noise of her own way. I cannot stand the ‘music’ and always give in to her. The moment she slept, we will transfer her to the cot. We’re just afraid Nurin will kick her or abang ‘siku’ her.

Managing these two girls is quite tough but we enjoy doing it. They are innocence and entertaining. We both can become an incredible hulk & also a loving mama & papa. I am very thankful to God as I was given these two girls at my age. They are very precious to my life.

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