Bercuti di Port Dickson

11:48 PM

Kami sekeluarga bercuti di Port Dickson on 26/07/08. Was planned & sponsored by my mother-in-law. Thank you Mama. We stayed at a Kondo facing the beach (unfortunately i cannot recalled the Kondo's name). Ha ha ha. Very short term memory la aku nih! Ayakkkkkk...nak tanya abang, he's not around pulak!

The kondo was nice. Two room complete with all facilities. We had nasi lemak ordered by Mama. Brought the nasi lemak all the way from bangi. We arrived there around 11am. We got a room for our families. Mama & Ayah got the big room. Uncle Don (my brother-in-law) has to sleep at the hall.

While we arrived at the Kondo, we parked our car and saw the rabbit farm. We took nurin there & she was so excited seeing the rabbit. I plucked the leaves and gave it to Nurin. I asked her to give the daun to the rabbit. Nurin called the rabbit as cat...penat mama ajar...

mama: rabbit

nurin: cat

mama: rab-bit

nurin: cat

cat pun cat la...

Aty, my sister-in-law accompanied Nurin feeding the rabbit

Mama bagi Nurin daun. Tengoklah Nurin tu berani sangat bagi rabbit tu makan. Aku yang takot dier kena gigit dengan rabbit tuh!


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