Summary of 2008

2:39 PM

Huarghhhhhhh… I don’t want to ingat all those night mares…I just want to focus ahead! So the most event is on 2008 is all about my FAMILY !!!
  1. Nurin Alya Fatihah was borned on 21st January 2008 (she is now 11 mths, 3 wks, and 3 days!)
  2. We moved to our new house (Finally we owned a house 22’x85’. Rumahku Syurgaku!)
  3. I bought a Lappy (underutilized)
  4. My hubby bought me a handphone NOKIA 6500s-1 on my birthday
  5. I bought designer handbag from my dear friend ISZAN
  6. My mum admitted at hospital (more than 5 times a year)
  7. Got a new job , with higher salary & big responsibility.(I like the environment. I hope it will lasts long)
  8. Family planning (Implanon)

My mission for 2009

  1. Salary increment, as per my job application!
  2. Loss weight, flat tummy & breast enlargement. (Skang perut aku sangat la buncit. Just imagine, I had two caesarean /operation in one year. How do u expect me to exercise??With my 2 small kids…with no maid…hendak seribu daya la kan?)
  3. Healthy & active lifestyle
  4. Go for holiday (local pun xkisah la-since got no big budget)
  5. A baby?? Againnn??? Not for this year I think so! 3 years from now (if got rezeki)
  6. A MPV ?? Still go no budget. Got to save a lot since we pay a lot for a house

Itu sebahagiannya sajalah… banyak mission aku sebenarnya. But I could not care less…I just hope I would have a peaceful live with my family.

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  1. I like very very much mission for 2009 perkara ke 2......

  2. suka eh...apa lagi..bak la invest kat isteri abg nih...

  3. 21st Jan - leh celebrate ngan aunty Rai...

    Moga semoga apa diimpikan jadi kenyataan