I Lost My Precious Things!

10:34 AM

I got meeting at 4.30 pm today. I need to present Jan & Feb 09 account to all the board of directors. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my pencil box which I put my thumb drive in. I am angry and frustrated! My thumb drive is my life. Everything is all inside. What am I going to present then!

I asked Hubby if he has seen mine. He said no. It might be dropped when I was changing my handbag this morning. But I realized since I transfer all my belonging. My make up case, my wallet, my glasses, my lip gloss, my house & office key. All are there except the pencil box. What happen to me? Why am I so careless? Serve me right!

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  1. setan dah ambil...............hahahaha.
    ambil ko.......

  2. anon...sampai ati ko...tp agaknya mmg rezeki aku, aku dh dpt blk my pencil box tuh...thanks to the restoran vicchuda for being honest.