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Nurin Hidayatullah
1. She is three (3) years old now.
2. Bila kita tanya "berapa umur kakak?" Her answer would be "5 tahun".
3. Is undergoing potty training now. Its almost a week since last Satuday. I can say that she is under control. The teacher also supporting her training @ school
4. Everyday must watch Upin Ipin Geng (at least once a day)
5. I bought her mini compact powder natural (J&J) and a comb. Suka sangat main make-up aku sampai aku sanggup tak make up langsung bila kuar dengan dia
6. Cakap petah sangat...
7. During weekend, I always tease her to go to school. She replied "Tak nak school. Kakak nak sarapan kat luar" Luar meaning kat our garden which we did it almost during weekend.

Nurin Alya Fatihah
1. She is two(2) years old
2. Can speak a bit but sometimes hardly to understand her message
3. Is cepat tangan. Pantang biarkan apa-apa mesti dia kacau punya
4. The teacher said she is Kaki Buli. Mangsa utamanya ialah Kakak Nurin
5. Same kind like her sister. Everything Nurin got, she must also have. If not, the world would turn all around.
6. Got a bf already..huhu. The teacher adores her so much.

1. Got new hobby-fishing. Sapa yang mempengaruhi pon aku tak tahu. But can say that all my male sibling love to fish.
2. Is forever love the cooking tv show and always control the kitchen especially groceries shopping
3. Got new professional membership for internal auditing
4. Is sexiest than ever
5. Put on weight (especially at his tummy and face)
6. Is sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet all the time

1.Is always fall sick. This week has been visiting the clinic for two (2) times
2. Almost diagnosed with athsma
3. Got new interest-read interior articles/magazine
4. Eat at least an orange a day

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