Maher Zain

12:47 PM

Last night after we are done with our dinner and routine stuff, we went upstairs to watch TV with the kids. As usual our kids will play with their toys and doing ‘homework’ with us - lepak-ing.  My ever favourite place for lepak is our room.

We watched our favourite TV shows, Top Chef Season 4. Since we already knew the winner, there was no surprise!

While watching the TV, Nurin (giggling) said that she knows how to sing Maher Zain song.  To my surprise, she sang it softly with Alya as her back up. I heard it right. It is Maher Zain song. ‘For the Rest of My Life’ is my favourite song. Their teacher must have practising it singing in the day care. 

I asked her to sing it loudly. She was so shy. But I insisted. She managed to pronounce the lyric quite well, but somehow rather the pronunciation is not too accurate.  Leave it. She’s only 3 and 11 months (to be exact). 

Then my hubby said I have to bring back Maher Zain song (from office) and sing it together with them, with the correct lyrics. We are excited!

Mama loves you both!

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