Demam & Accident

3:20 AM


I have not updated my blog for quite a while as am down with severe fever, flu, and cough and also body pain (sengal-sengal badan). I called it seriously ill, because….am totally down. No appetite at all. I have not eaten proper meal for 4 days. (Read: nasi with lauk). My breakfast is only an apple and coffee. Others are not tempting at all. I might have lost weight. I did not even care to weight in myself. I know they won’t be so much loss.

I hardly have this kind of fever, but if I am having it, the whole house would be dead. My house would be messy with unfolded clothes, messy in the kitchen and messy all over the house.  Fortunately, I have good husband. He helps a lot. But the unfortunate thing is that, he is also down with fever together with the kids. Meaning, all housework is totally ignored for two days. That was on Nov 29 & 30. On Nov 28, we were fine, but the symptoms are there. Some more, we have guest. I have to cook and entertain them. We went out to KL on that night, to meet up my brother coming from Johor. We are not well, but pretend to be okay. Ended up we are ill the next day.


On Sunday night, Dec 29, 2010 we met with an accident. We were from my in law house, Bangi. The accident happened very near to our house. Around 2km. Situated at Lingkaran Putrajaya. Right before Science Park 2 exit  from Putrajaya towards Plaza Toll Putrajaya (Read: Elite)

My husband drove on that scary night. As you guys aware, we are not well. My in law already asked us to overnight at their place. I don’t mind actually. But my hubby was reluctant. Reason being, we don’t have our clothes with us, and he is not used to overnight without proper planning (Read: adhoc). So we went home.

I am not well at all. So the kids.  Nurins lips were very red. Her body is really hot. Alya not too well either, but she looked fine to me compared to her sister. I can hardly remember how the accident starts as I am sleeping. But to my knowledge, my hubby must have fast asleep while driving. He accidentally swapped the car to the emergency lane, and hit tyres by the roadside and get in to the big drain. Our car was spinning and hanged in the drain. I don’t know how to explain better. It was the scariest moment I had. I was imagining the car crash is serious. I thought the windscreen busted.  I heard broken glass sound. After the car stopped, I realized that there are no broken glasses. The kids are fine. My husband is also fine but our car is not moving. Hanged by the drain. My husband and I tried to get out from the car. I found it hard to get out. The drain slope was about 45 degree. I tried and managed to get out. I saw our front bumper broken in the left side. Front passenger door also dented with scratches. Tyres looked fine but the sport ream is not in order.

Few minutes after that, I saw one car stopped by. I am relieved. There were two guys coming and trying to push our car from the drain. First, second and third attempt is not successful as there were only 2 guys. Later then, few cars stopped by.  They were 4 cars and I think 8 or 9 guys came to help us. The guys try again, and Alhamdulillah, our car came out from the drain. I am very thankful to them. Two were Indian and others are Malay. I am grateful, that Malaysian is very helpful. May Allah bless them. Aminn.

The next day, we repaired our car. Changed sport ream (2nd hand as the new one costs us MYR600). We cannot afford to have the new one. We replaced front tyres with new one, do balancing and alignment. All costs us MYR540. There goes my salary. I am not being calculative but God knows. Anyway, am still grateful that we still alive.

On that Monday, I was supposed to be on leave. So the Hubby. But instead we went to clinic, as our fever still not okay. My temperature hit 39.5 degree. I got 2 days MC.

I always said to myself that am still alive. Live has to go on. But am very weak and still remember the accident. Trauma and phobia. Maybe because am not well. Alhamdullilah week after the incident, am gradually getter better. My appetite came back and I ate a lot. No kidding. I had three meals a day. Nasi lemak must have in the morning! Fruit is a must. I had 3 pears in a day. Till today!

Allah helps us! Thanks Allah!

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  1. panjangnyer citer.... seb baik paham sikit2... he he he

  2. ciannye korang, anyway take care. kalau demam xyahla g mane2. rehat je kat rumah. kesian kat budak2 jugak sakit2 badan dorang...

  3. ush, cakap omputih...agak2 x paham pon ado papepon, alhamdulillah suma selamat...tuh yg penting...

  4. kak mil,

    added ur blog at my blogroll too!

  5. jnet> tu la, xdengar ckp mak bapak...kan dah ...
    ammen>paham sudah??
    dila>thnx sweetie