Healthy Breakfast

9:00 AM

I have always wanted to share about my daily breakfast. I would take this without failed. It is easy, fast, filling and delicious! Tadaaaaaaaaaaa.... I called it ESP shakes.

The ingredient
ESP Shakes

What is ESP?

ESP powder is a good source of soy protein. ESP provides 14 gm of high quality non-GMO soy protein with all the amino acids, including the nine essential ones your body needs but cannot produce itself. Unlike protein from meat, eggs and dairy, ESP is low in fat and cholesterol free. 

Why not other breakfast? Like nasi lemak, roti canai, fried meehoon. curry puff or teh tarik?

First, i have to watch my weight. I am already overweight. Read this: Overweight!!!! 

Second, I am a very busy woman. Read again, very busy lazy woman. Muahahahhaa. I am juggling between kids and work. Seriously no time for me to prepare myself a breakfast. Not to mention healthy breakfast. I need fast and healthy one. So this ESP plus milk is the perfect one for me. Ward off my hunger and is low in fat and no cholesterol. Just nice and it taste good too. Tak percaya?? I can guaranteed! Taste much better than soy milk. 

After few weeks taking this protein shakes, i noticed that my skin is fairer and with better texture. Seeing is believing!! or i should say try and you ll know!

How do i made it?

I mixed 250ml fresh milk or better take low fat milk and 28gm or 3 tablespoon ESP powder in a bottle or a shaker. Shake it well. This drink would contains approx 220cal. It is much much lesser than nasi lemak (approx 450 cal)  I saved around 250 cal a day!

After a satisfying breakfast, it is time to head up to office with clear mind and energy!

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases
*Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnos,merawat, menyembuhkan atau mencegah sebarang penyakit.

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