How to Use Social Media for Business

8:32 PM

Here are ways to do it

Set up accounts on Facebook and Twitter. It is free and easy to do so. Once you’ve create the accounts, you can develop them to market your product or business.

Create a user page on Facebook that introduces your product or business. Dont forget to include your description of your products or services as well as a contact number or e-mail address.

Set up a page that does not focus solely on business. Post regular updates about your products or services but do not continuosly bombard customers with your sales pitch. Apart from business-related posts, post topic that are conversational as this gives you a chance to interact with potential customers.

Add games or a quiz based on your products or services on your websites. This gives visitors to the site something fun to click on, while helping to promote your products. Think up promotional activities that you can offer to potential customers such as coupons or discounted items.

Link your social media networks. By tying up your networks, this will help to boost your potential customer base.

The Star, 5th April 2013

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