Demam & Accident

3:20 AM


I have not updated my blog for quite a while as am down with severe fever, flu, and cough and also body pain (sengal-sengal badan). I called it seriously ill, because….am totally down. No appetite at all. I have not eaten proper meal for 4 days. (Read: nasi with lauk). My breakfast is only an apple and coffee. Others are not tempting at all. I might have lost weight. I did not even care to weight in myself. I know they won’t be so much loss.

I hardly have this kind of fever, but if I am having it, the whole house would be dead. My house would be messy with unfolded clothes, messy in the kitchen and messy all over the house.  Fortunately, I have good husband. He helps a lot. But the unfortunate thing is that, he is also down with fever together with the kids. Meaning, all housework is totally ignored for two days. That was on Nov 29 & 30. On Nov 28, we were fine, but the symptoms are there. Some more, we have guest. I have to cook and entertain them. We went out to KL on that night, to meet up my brother coming from Johor. We are not well, but pretend to be okay. Ended up we are ill the next day.


On Sunday night, Dec 29, 2010 we met with an accident. We were from my in law house, Bangi. The accident happened very near to our house. Around 2km. Situated at Lingkaran Putrajaya. Right before Science Park 2 exit  from Putrajaya towards Plaza Toll Putrajaya (Read: Elite)

My husband drove on that scary night. As you guys aware, we are not well. My in law already asked us to overnight at their place. I don’t mind actually. But my hubby was reluctant. Reason being, we don’t have our clothes with us, and he is not used to overnight without proper planning (Read: adhoc). So we went home.

I am not well at all. So the kids.  Nurins lips were very red. Her body is really hot. Alya not too well either, but she looked fine to me compared to her sister. I can hardly remember how the accident starts as I am sleeping. But to my knowledge, my hubby must have fast asleep while driving. He accidentally swapped the car to the emergency lane, and hit tyres by the roadside and get in to the big drain. Our car was spinning and hanged in the drain. I don’t know how to explain better. It was the scariest moment I had. I was imagining the car crash is serious. I thought the windscreen busted.  I heard broken glass sound. After the car stopped, I realized that there are no broken glasses. The kids are fine. My husband is also fine but our car is not moving. Hanged by the drain. My husband and I tried to get out from the car. I found it hard to get out. The drain slope was about 45 degree. I tried and managed to get out. I saw our front bumper broken in the left side. Front passenger door also dented with scratches. Tyres looked fine but the sport ream is not in order.

Few minutes after that, I saw one car stopped by. I am relieved. There were two guys coming and trying to push our car from the drain. First, second and third attempt is not successful as there were only 2 guys. Later then, few cars stopped by.  They were 4 cars and I think 8 or 9 guys came to help us. The guys try again, and Alhamdulillah, our car came out from the drain. I am very thankful to them. Two were Indian and others are Malay. I am grateful, that Malaysian is very helpful. May Allah bless them. Aminn.

The next day, we repaired our car. Changed sport ream (2nd hand as the new one costs us MYR600). We cannot afford to have the new one. We replaced front tyres with new one, do balancing and alignment. All costs us MYR540. There goes my salary. I am not being calculative but God knows. Anyway, am still grateful that we still alive.

On that Monday, I was supposed to be on leave. So the Hubby. But instead we went to clinic, as our fever still not okay. My temperature hit 39.5 degree. I got 2 days MC.

I always said to myself that am still alive. Live has to go on. But am very weak and still remember the accident. Trauma and phobia. Maybe because am not well. Alhamdullilah week after the incident, am gradually getter better. My appetite came back and I ate a lot. No kidding. I had three meals a day. Nasi lemak must have in the morning! Fruit is a must. I had 3 pears in a day. Till today!

Allah helps us! Thanks Allah!

menu for dinne

Sambal Udang & Mix Vege Soup for Dinner

8:43 AM

I managed to cook dinner yesterday. Simple yet yummylicious (betul ke eja ni). My menu Sambal Udang  and Mix Vege Soup (my version). This time, I don’t use the instant chilli boh but I used the dried chilli and make the paste myself. Sound fussy but not for me. In my family, we hardly use chilli boh sold at sundry shop or supermarket. We prefer blended it ourselves. I noticed the home made chilli boh makes tastier sambal, compared to the instant one and less spicy.

Sambal Udang

Sambal Udang Recepi


500gm prawn
Cooking oil
2 cups water
Tamarind juice
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste
1 onion

Spice Paste
15 dried chillies (pitted and bring to boil)
3 shallots
3 clove garlic

Combine all spice paste in food processor and blend well. Put some cooking oil to blend the chilli seed (finely). Heat up cooking oil, add in the blended spice paste and fry until fragrant. Add in water; bring it to boil for about 10 minutes till the pecah minyak. Put in salt, sugar and tamarind juice to taste. Add the prawn and sliced onion. Stir fry till the prawn cooked. Ready to serve.

Mixed Vege Soup

Mix Vege Soup


Half pot water
1 slice chicken breast
1 potato
1 carrot
Soh hoon
'Tauhu kering'
2 shallots
2 clove garlic
Salt and seasoning to taste.

Crush the garlic and shallot. Add in to the pot with water. Bring to boil. Add in the potato and chicken till tender. Add carrot, cabbage soh hoon, 'tauhu kering' and chinese parsley. put salt and seasoning to taste. Serve while hot.
Nurin & Alya having dinner @ their dining table.

kid room makeover

Next Wish List

11:33 AM

My next wish list is this.

Good enough for my two girls

Plan to get this room done by Jan - Feb 2011. The above image is only for illustration but seriously, i really keen on that design. Thanks to Home Sweet Home for the idea. Thinking how to start...adios


11:34 AM

Mencabar betul untuk mendisiplinkan anak. Terus terang sejak kecil, aku dibesarkan dalam sederhana. Arwah abah merupakan seorang peneroka felda, arwah emak pula seorang suri rumah. Bersekolah rendah di sekolah felda, meneruskan pengajian menengah felda. Lepas dapat keputusan PMR , sambung belajar di Sek Teknik JB. Bermatrikulasi di Wangsa Maju. Berdegree di UPM, Serdang.

Arwah abah seorang yang sangat garang (menurut abang-abang dan kakak). Tapi aku tak rasa abah tu garang sangat. Mungkin sebab aku anak perempuan. Anak yang ke-enam. Arwah abah pulak dah berusia waktu tu. Dah kurang sikit garangnya. Aku anak manja. Aku darjah satu, baru dapat adik. Mana tak manja kan.

Cakap pasal disiplin, arwah emak lebih garang pada aku. Sakit dicubit masih terasa sampai skang. Dulu aku memang nakal. Suka bermain dengan budak lelaki. Kawan perempuan pon ada..arghh…masih ingat kenangan silam. Arwah emak memang kuat berleter. Abang aku kata macam Radio Era..jahat kan dia??tapi bila dia dah tak ada, rasa rindu sangat dengar dia berleter..mak mak…rindu kat emak. Rasanya aku banyak mewarisi attitude mak.

Ni nak cita apa ni? Back to cara disiplin anak. Rasanya ni phase kami yang mencabar. Bila anak dah berumur 3 & 4 tahun. Mereka dah faham keadaan sekeliling. Rasa apa yang mereka buat tu semuanya betul. Kurang sabar. Mahu kita ikut cakap mereka saja. Kuat merajuk. Itu yang kami lalui sekarang. Tak pernah rasanya ajar mereka merajuk. Mesti kawan-kawan kat sekolah kan? Pandai aku menuduh. Tapi aku rasa memang betul la tuh.

Lepas tu tak sabar. Kalau nak apa-apa, time tu jugak kena buatkan untuk dia. Aku macam tu ke dulu?? Hu hu. Mungkin kot.

Paling aku salute anak-anak dara aku ni, bila time nk gi shopping. Tak kira la kat kedai runcit ker, shopping mall ker. Memang baik. Tapi kena warn in advance. Jangan mintak apa-apa. Kalau mama papa beli baru amik. Kene bagitau siap-siap. Sebarang rayuan tidak dilayan. Kejam memang kejam…

maher zain

Maher Zain

12:47 PM

Last night after we are done with our dinner and routine stuff, we went upstairs to watch TV with the kids. As usual our kids will play with their toys and doing ‘homework’ with us - lepak-ing.  My ever favourite place for lepak is our room.

We watched our favourite TV shows, Top Chef Season 4. Since we already knew the winner, there was no surprise!

While watching the TV, Nurin (giggling) said that she knows how to sing Maher Zain song.  To my surprise, she sang it softly with Alya as her back up. I heard it right. It is Maher Zain song. ‘For the Rest of My Life’ is my favourite song. Their teacher must have practising it singing in the day care. 

I asked her to sing it loudly. She was so shy. But I insisted. She managed to pronounce the lyric quite well, but somehow rather the pronunciation is not too accurate.  Leave it. She’s only 3 and 11 months (to be exact). 

Then my hubby said I have to bring back Maher Zain song (from office) and sing it together with them, with the correct lyrics. We are excited!

Mama loves you both!

dead cells

Pengetahuan Am

3:31 PM

Korang tahu tak 75% daripada habuk kat umah kita adalah dari dead cells? Lebih kurang 30,000 hingga 40,000 skin cells gugur setiap minit-nearly 4kg sel mati kita hilang setiap hari...(sumber: the star sunday. 21st nov, 2010)

Member opis pernah bagitau info ni, tapi aku rasa mcm ye tak ye je...sekali betul laa...

genting highland

Trip to Genting Highland

5:30 PM

 Kita layan photo je la eh...

nurin tak sabar nak main..ingatkan tak  mau masuk...sekali kene masuk jugak...

papa naik kapal terbang dengan alya...amek gambar sendiri

space shot for kids...ingatkan nurin & alya takot...rupanya gelak sakan atas tuh...kah kah

naik gajah terbang daaaa

tunggu clown buat bunga tuk anak dara saya

naik kuda terbang...kudaku lari gagah berani..jeng jeng jeng

alya cool ker alya takot ni?? we go

bunga kita dah siap mama

bila nak gi london yg real laaa...

main games. 7 games, 7 round. i lose. wt$%^&
group photo
tengok kat theme park. bila la nk men ni mama?

apa la diaorg ni, pagi2 dah menjerit jerit

Hari Raya Haji 2010

5:15 PM

Syahdunya bila tiba hari raya dan kita terpaksa berjauhan dengan keluarga tersayang. Apatah lagi pemergian ibu hampir setahun. Emak meninggal 21/11/2009. Seminggu sebelum raya haji taun lepas.  Al-Fatihah.

Malam raya langsung tak macam raya. Kat taman ni apalah yang ada. Nak dengar takbir pon kat tv je. Tu pon bukan ada sangat pon. Menu masak raya pon lambat nak bedal je lah!

Ini lah hasilnya.

Breakfast  pagi raya, brunch, lunch & tea time dengan menu ini. 

1. Nasi Empit
2. Rendang daging
3. Ayam masak merah
4. Kuah lodeh (lontong)
5. Kuah kacang

Pagi raya hubby solat raya di surau kat taman perumahan kami. Dalam tentatif solat mula pukul 8.00am. So kami anak beranak tunggu hubby balik solat baru bersarapan bersama-sama. After makan hubby kelam kabut gi tolong orang surau lapah lembu & kambing korban. 

Petang kul 6pm nya baru beraya ke umah ibu mertua kat bangi.


TGIF...rileks sikit

3:39 PM

Dah lama tak bersenggang-senggang kat opis. Mana kan tidak kerja mana pernah abis. Tapi minggu ni best. Sebab saya cuti hari isnin, selasa & rabu (cuti umum sempena Aidil Adha). Masuk kerja hari khamis macam blurr. Kerja tak banyak sebab opis kat Karachi, Pakistan tutup. Cuti Aidil Adha kat  sana tiga hari. Beraya sakan diaorang kat situ...huk huk. Hari jumaat memang syiok. Dah lama tak rasa rileks macam ni. Boss saya siap cakap saya boleh balik sharp pukul enam hari ni...wt#$%

Rindunya Saya Pada Dia , Dia & Dia

11:51 AM

Di saat saya update blog ni, saya sedang sangap. Tak tahu nak buat apa. Sebab akak ipar, adik & kakak saya sedang sibuk di dapur. Masak. Saya tak der mood. Sebab …sebab…saya balik kampong sorang-sorang naik bas. Anak2 dan suami saya tinggalkan di Puchong . Sob so sob….rindunya saya pada mereka. Tak biasa tanpa rengekan dan gurau senda anak2 dan suami.

Saya balik kampong sebab adik lelaki kesayangan saya hendak bertunang. Dan saya dengan bangganya membawa kek hantaran pertunangannya dari KL.  Naik bas okeh! Pukul 12 tgh  malam. Sampai Kota Tinggi kul 4.30 pagi tadi. Keknya cantik! Tempah dari kawan sekolah saya E-car yang sangat cute mute, kreatif & vogue .

Tarikh pertunangannya sangat unik 10.10.2010. saya yakin ramai yang amik tarikh ni untuk bertunang, bernikah, berkahwin bla bla bla.

Saya memang sudah lama tak mengupdate blog. Saya malas. Terus terang. Sebab malas nk taip banyak2. Sebab FB lagi senang nak update. Maafkan ler saya yer. Saya bukan blogger tegar. Langsung tidak. Tapi ada ker sapa2 yang baca blog saya ni kan?

Sedapnya bau haruman masakan dari dapur ni. Terasa laparnya perut saya.


8:49 AM

Terkejut tengok blog sendiri. Apekah yg hubby telah lakukan??

Weekend @ Hotel Impiana Ipoh

4:28 PM

Ni memang entry jakun sikit. Bukan apanyer, aku ni memang susah nak berjalan jauh. Bukan sebab apa, sebab takder duit. Senang aje nak jawab. Tapi adik aku kata, shopping ada plak duit. Ye ker dik time shopping aku ada duit. Aku cuma gelek credit card jek. Time dapat statement aku pengsan. Pastu menggelupur nak buat GIRO transfer. 

Last weekend gi Ipoh. Attend wedding Kak Azni. Kat Silveritage Gopeng. Ex-housemate aku. Lama benar tak jumpa dia. Memang selim betul body dia. Aku ni aje alignment suma dah lari. Jangan laki aku yang lari sudah ler...

Punya pagi sabtu tu kitaorang reluctant nak packing. Tak sure nak stay kat ipoh atau daytrip aje. Dalam hati tu malas nk stay sebab hotel yang aku nak dah full house. Hotel lain aku tak berkenan setelah menelaah tripadvisor website tuh. 

Reach ipoh dekat-dekat pukul 3. Kuar rumah pukul 12 lebih. Memang makan masa sungguh nak settle kan rumahtangga ku itu. Bangun tido suma dah ler lambat. Nak masak lagi. Tak de mood nak makan kat luar. Sure anakanda dua orang tuh makan main-main. Goreng pasta daging aje. Senang. Siap tapau bawak gi Ipoh. Kot-kot la kelaparan nanti. Hubby sempat vacuum rumah. Aku kalau packing memang bertaun jugak la nk settle. Siap packing swimming suit utk diri sendiri & kids. Macam confirm2 aje dapat hotel with swimming pool kan??? Hua ha ha...

Nasib baik sampai majlis tak abis lagi. Kalau dah abis memang menangis la kan. Salam pengantin pastu kitaorang terus soru. Lapar la katakan. Sangat best sebab orang dah tak ramai. Tak yah nak queue. Pastu dapat makan aman damai. Macam pengantin makan beradap. Pas makan siap amik gambar dengan pengantin. Paling tak best kitaorang ni lupa nak bawak camera. Aisey...rugi betul la. Dah ler handphone aku ni camera out sikit...time ni memang rasa rindu sungguh la kat handphone aku yg ilang tuh. Sob sob sob.

After majlis, we all tanya pengantin mana hotel boleh stay. Diaorang recommend ke Tower Regency. Terus shooooot ke situ. Itu pon tanya direction pastu pandai-pandai sendirik. Nasib baik bangunan tu tinggi dari jauh dah nampak. Sekali full house daaaaaaaaa. Next option ke Syuen. Pusing-pusing tak jumpa mana hotel tuh. Nak tanya orang sangat malas. Hubby pon bedal aje bawak satu town pusing-pusing keluar masuk jalan yg sama jugak. Apa daaaa...

Harapan terakhir, aku cakap kat hubby apa kata kita walk-in je ke Hotel Impiana.Dah confirm-confirm full house tapi aku nak jugak try luck. Hubby drop me there then aku pon tanya kat receptionist yang macam tak mau layan aku tuh. Dia kata full house. Memang agak frustrated la. Aku tanya pulak direction nak ke Syuen. Memang terasa la bangangnya sebab tak der GPS. 

Masa aku sibuk tanya direction ke Syuen tu, ada la sorang mamat kat receptionist ni. Aku rasa macam manager (xsure apa). Dia suruh receptionist tu book kan hotel untuk aku kat Syuen. Terus call tanya ada room tak. Aku pon perhati je la. Sekali ada seorang lagi pompuan ni datang kat receptionist cakap ada orang cancel booking. Terus mamat tu bagitahu ada room kat impiana ni. Apa lagi aku pon on aje la. Alhamdulillah, tercapai impian aku nak duduk sini. Siap survey mana swimming pool...

Pic ni aku cilok dari website Hotel Impiana. 

Call hubby soh angkat beg dengan anak-anak sekali. Naik bilik. Sangat suka itu budak duaorang tuh! Pantang sebut hotel aje memang melompat-lompat. Siap Nurin cakap kat aku..sayang mama...apa apa aja la Nurin, janji suma orang happy. 

Swimming pool dier memang syok sebab besar dan tak ramai orang. Last weekend bukan public holiday pon. Full house sebab business event kot! Time petang tu syok sebab tak berapa panas. Bila time pagi ahad tu yang agak mencabar. Panas. Kitaorang anak beranak memang sun burn. Aku pulak memang tak der standby sunblock. Nasib laaa.

Gambar ada la sikit ni. Gambar tak cun sebab pakai hp.

Lepas check-in. Lepak-lepak.

Budak yang tak sabar nk terjun swimming pool.

 Ni dah bosan la ni tunggu mama papa tak nak turun-turun.

Adik dah mengigil. Tak nak mandi dah..tengok la tuh..kosong aje pool ni...Besh buat macam umah sendiri.