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Drink up!

Is your skin thirsty?

Take a look at your face in the mirror to see if you have any of these signs:

♥Flaky skin
♥Blotchy and sensitive areas indicated by reddish patches
♥Skin that feels taut and uncomfortable
♥A lucklustre complexion

If u face one of the above, your skin is showing signs od dehidration. Dehidrated skin is lack of overall moisture.

Three Steps to Get Skin Hydrated

1. Drink at least 2 litres of water. If you consume supplement, you may require 3 to 4 litres water.

2. Eat foods rich with water.  Munch on fresh fruits and vegetables like watermelon helps.

3. Use right skincare range. Seek out products that deliver moisture back into skin. Moisturiser is a must before sleep. Not to forget sun protector in day time to avoid freckles and other skin problems.

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